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Greatest 2pac song ever???:
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something tasty (no karambo) coming over the weekend.

Party hard y'all. But always remember, "you gotta outsmart the Po-Po's"

Any one have any advice on how to secure interviews with artists?
I need to holler at my man at houstonsoreal, cuz he get's some good ones.

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Gully Catch O' The Day

Gully.. where did that term come from? It reminds me of a Pirate. Anyway, I'm busy at work (short day since we are off tomorrow), but I can't not (Double Negative Biotches!) post, b/c I'm very appreciative of those that are reading.

I read about this in Cuban Links, and felt obliged to post it.

My namesake Dame Dash is really getting aired out by one of his (former?) employees; Peedi the Crakkologist. It just struck me as hella funny. I got some Hollywood acting Friends, er, Associates too. (Somebody plz let me know how to put the line through a word)

Quoth the Peedi:

"I don't f--- with Dame Dash at all," Peedi Crakk fumed. "I f--- with Beans and Biggs. I can't be around [Dash]. I can't be on that side of the fence. I hollered at Jay; Jay said he got my contract, and I can go with him. I left it at that. I was happy being with Jay.

"He don't listen," Crakk continued, explaining why he doesn't associate with Dash's group. "He's so smart, he's dumb. He's got so much money, he thinks he's the sh--. A cloud just hovers over his head so much, it f---s with his common sense. That's why he's losing. He don't know how to pick music, what song to do a video for, how to shoot a video. If you tell him this, he feels disrespected because he's got so many people kissing his ass. When you talk to him on a man-to-man level, on a regular level, he feels disrespected. He's got three, four, five assistants holding his two-way, holding his money, holding his phone. All this super Hollywood sh--.

MTV Story:

Yeah Dash, quit phukken up the name and get ya' shyt Together. I think that's called Narcissistic (sp).



You never had a life like me; I never went to school, shootin' craps, runnin' numbers at the age three"

As I attempted (traffic like a mug!) to smob through the ATL traffic this morning on my way to work, I was listening to some oldies, and thinking about how to compose this post. It's doesn't make sense on the surface, but The Doobie Brothers, Diana Ross, Steely Dan, and Aretha Franklin helped me think clearly. I love rap music, but the lyrics tend to distract me when I'm trying to think. They force you to follow along, more than act as a soundtrack to my thought process (is that an album title?).

I digress... My man Dru Down is a true West Coast Pioneer. Coming up out the "500" section of East Oakland (Blocks 50th ave -59th ave, technically), Dru hit the music world hard with his first nation wide single Pimp of the Year. The song was 100% radio unfriendly, detailing some of the basic tenaments of the oft-praised Pimpin (and Hoeing) game. Luckily someone had the foresight to see that the hood classic could be reworked into a clean version, and Player of the Year was born. I was in High School in San Fran at the time, and the song just gave me hella pride about Oakland, and about my specific neighborbood (500, the fifties, the Five, etc..). It was one of those songs that, as soon as it comes on, fools get to acting Hyphy/Heiffy instantly, waaaay before that was a term. It has some crazy ass horns sounding like abananas disco track, and unfortunately I don't have it here to post today (note me and I'll hook you up though).

Here's the "back-story" on the fifties too: Oakland is clearly divided into East, West and North neighborhoods (no technical south) with a nice size man-made Lake centered between the three (Lake Merritt). And to be short, the neighborhood is long on violence, drug dealing and increasingly prostitution ( However, what the neighborhood has been short on, locally, is what white people have dubbed "street cred", or I would call it "hood stripes". The more "authentic" part of East Oakland, was that part more easterly, starting at the mid-60's , and including the 70's, the "shady 80's", the 90's and the infmamous "Rolling Hunneds!!" (Think 3X Krazy, Keek Da Sneak, Richie Rich, Etc..) Dru and his bravado, flew in the face of all that. While giving respect and referencing his affiliations in those more famous neighborhoods, he always shouted out the Five, so much that an extended hand with 5 fingers extened (palm forward), became synonomous with the Fifties. On the world famoust Five On It (remix) by the Luniz, Dru put it all out there as he finished his verse: "And I'll make sure the next time niggus see me I'll be high, do-or-die, throwin' up the five, in the fifth lane riiight." Say it along w/ me little boys and girls: Instant Credibility.

I really won't even go into my personal dealings w/ Dru, other than to say that before he was rapping professionally, he and his crew hustled in my neigborhood, often with my apartment building lobby and entryway being their headquarters. He knows me, my Dad, my stepmother and brother, and my little sister. I think the last time I saw him was down in L.A. outside of the famous Forum Club at the Lakers' Great Western Forum. It was during a Magic Johnson Midsummer Night weekend. That was about 2000. He's hella cool, and always "chopped it up" (see below) with me about the Five, my life, etc, even though I was hella square compared to him. My best friend and I also bumped into C&H ( on a dumb sidestreet in New Orleans during the Bayou Classic one year. Dude had some a crazy crew with him (I'm sure some were certified killas), and we spoke of our mutual acquantances and basically "did it big" for an hour or two that night. Dude had dumb light too, if you know what I mean. I will never forget that.

Anti-Hate: Many people want to say Dru is weak, his flow is suspect, and he is using a tired theme of pimpin' to get it poppin. I think his contribution to the game (Early Luniz, 3x, Rich, etc), and unique personality overshadow any critique one may have of his lyrical prowess. Dude also had hella character in person and on the tracks, which many other rappers don't. RE: Pimpin', it's not my place to breathe on dude's hustling tactics, but don't doubt it for a second. He also has recorded with Bootsy Collins, and was christened the Illigitimate Son of Bootsy by Sir Bootzilla Himself. So peep game, or go phukk with what you already know about. Sissy!

So here in all it's Illigitimate Son Of Bootsy Pimpy-Dooness, are a few select Dru tracks, with some "discuss amongst yourselves" quotes, and probably hella run on sentences. Enjoy, and holler for a re up.

La Musica Gratis:

Dru Down - Choppin' it Up (Ft C&H, or Chris Hicks on the adlibs)
I've always called this song "hit a nigg_ up in a few", based on a poignant line in the song. It's basically a tale of 1 day in the Town (Oakland), with a theme of he and C&H talking on the phone throughout the track (hella comedy). It begins with Dru planning his trip to "Black Ski Week" in (Lake) Tahoe (NV), and him finishing up a meal at the famous Southern Cafe in Upper Frutivale district of Oakland.
My fav line is when Dru tells C&H "let's hook up by the Walgreen's, so we can catch the sale on the Hendu (Hennessey), get the bottle, hit the throttle, take a swallow, get the tweed, get back to the spot before I miss Apollo."

That was always funny to me on so many levels. The Showtime at the Apollo reference aside, I'm pretty sure he was talking about the Walgreen's Drug Store on High Street. It is the only Walgreen's I have EVER seen that sold hard Liqour. Basically if you broke left when you walked in, you were in what seemed like any other fully stocked liqour store. I guess they were able to offer sales on hard liqours, you know, buying in bulk and whatnot. If anybody ever bought drank at any other Walgreens in America, scream at the kid.

Dru Down - Can You Feel Me?
Samples a Fat Boys song very lovely on the Chorus, I believe of the same name. Was the lead single off Dru's second nationwde album, of the same name I believe. I always loved the album cover, beacause he was posted up in front of what was Leila's Market on 48th avenue. You can see the street sign in the backround, and some tire traks from fools hittin' Donuts in the intersection (Google "Oakland Sideshow" if this eludes you). As is the case with singles, it gets less rotation than some of the more obscure cuts. Enjoy.

Dru Down ft. The Luniz (formerly the LuniTunz) - Freaks Come Out
Co-opts the theme of the Whodini! song of a similar name, but talks about real life Freaks as in women, not as in jaycats/dopefiends, or whatever Whodini! was talking about. Different beat etc. Timeless song in my opinion. One of about 15 or 20 songs in which Dru collabo'd with the Luniz in some form or the other. Each is a Bay classic in it's own right. The chorus invites all the freaks to come out tonight, because tonight; "ain't no shootin' no startin' no fights". How can you hate that? If you live in any big city, you know breezies get scared off from the club scene when fools get too violent. But a pimp doesn't fight, get it?

PS: Yukmouth snapping so hard on the second verse, in what is commonly called the "Old Yuk" style. Squeaky voice, savvy wordplay. Basically a east coast influenced rhyme style, talking all about Town Shyt (reminds me a tight ass Whoridas/Saafir song I will post up soon.). Yuk would later get a lot more aggresive and raspy on the mic, and beef with most of North America (The Game, G-Unit, Too Short, etc...), but I still love dude as an artist.

Lastly, a funny one called On the Run (I think).

Dru Down - On The Run
High Comedy. If rhymes were video games, this would be a Role Playing Game. I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you it involves Mr. Down "biting off his fingertips, so there won't be no evidence.". I would say that the creativity in part comes from our big influencers; Parliament/Funkadelic.

Holler at me in the Comments and thanks for reading.


From the Soils Man!

After being serial blog-reader/commenter for the past 3 months, I've created my own Thingamajig; Cult-Status.

Cult: great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad b : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion.
Status: position or rank in relation to others b : relative rank in a hierarchy of prestige; especially : high prestige

Here at Cult-Status we celebrate primarily musicians who have amassed cult followings amongst their fanbase.

The focus will be primarily hip-hop, but you never know.

I've been an active reader of many of the finer blogs around, so I'm hoping some of them will link me up.

(Yes,Bol,HoustonSoReal,Warscribe,ShrimpBoys,Sallimo,G/W,Noz,OnlyBuiltFor...,Freemotion,BrokeBboys,ETC.. I'm talking to you!.Thanks in advance...)

And lastly, rather than my going into the whole: who I am, where I from, and where I stand on all things Emo, I'll just let the posts go where they will. Smell me?

Off the bat, the first artist that made me feel I was part of a weird, fanatical, and loyal ass cult: Kool Keith.
This is a new interview w/ Keith that I swear I haven't even read yet. But dude gives some of the best interviews on the planet, so I know it's good stuff. Enjoy. Comment. Comment. And, uhhh, Comment.



(Astral TruckerInterview with Kool Keith, 16 March 05)

Edit: Ck out the interview via the below link. has a great database of his interviews. If you click around, you'll find the one I call "The Best Kool Keith interview Ever. Period. You'll know why. It involves the styling of the pockets on the back of blue jeans. Seriously.

Credit: Joshua Mosta (

Props to the interviewer, site creator, the Gods and Earths, and Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Scream @ Me in Comments People...

La Musica Gratis:

Keith and Nancy Des Rose - (EVERYBODY'S) SUGAR
discuss amongst yourselves: "...singers to me are like Halloween Candy; soft candy-rap, trick or treat!!"

Kool Keith and Jacky Jasper - SILK SUIT, BLACK LINEN
discuss amongst yourselves: a)"Y'all can pay me no mind, just like you do the AIDS virus"

b)"...a mega-system, with movie screens in the room. Two TV's, they all work remote-control, suckas get amnesia, try to freeze my money..."

Bonus Blessing:
Dru Down - WEAK MOVES (uses the same beat as SILK SUIT, BLACK LINEN)
"...but before the whole thang went down, you was talkin' like the baller of the Town, but knowing that Dru Down don't play, I keep it to myself, but your mouth was so big, you had to call for help. I was comin' kinda quickly, I had to show the motherphuca to repsect me. But all the mackin' that I do, I had to stay calm, so I just shot him in his foot, and let him hop home."

Unintentional comedy at it's finest. And I know I promised not to blog-bang, but here it goes: East Oakland, Stoopid Fifties All Day Like Whaaaaat?"