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Gully.. where did that term come from? It reminds me of a Pirate. Anyway, I'm busy at work (short day since we are off tomorrow), but I can't not (Double Negative Biotches!) post, b/c I'm very appreciative of those that are reading.

I read about this in Cuban Links, and felt obliged to post it.

My namesake Dame Dash is really getting aired out by one of his (former?) employees; Peedi the Crakkologist. It just struck me as hella funny. I got some Hollywood acting Friends, er, Associates too. (Somebody plz let me know how to put the line through a word)

Quoth the Peedi:

"I don't f--- with Dame Dash at all," Peedi Crakk fumed. "I f--- with Beans and Biggs. I can't be around [Dash]. I can't be on that side of the fence. I hollered at Jay; Jay said he got my contract, and I can go with him. I left it at that. I was happy being with Jay.

"He don't listen," Crakk continued, explaining why he doesn't associate with Dash's group. "He's so smart, he's dumb. He's got so much money, he thinks he's the sh--. A cloud just hovers over his head so much, it f---s with his common sense. That's why he's losing. He don't know how to pick music, what song to do a video for, how to shoot a video. If you tell him this, he feels disrespected because he's got so many people kissing his ass. When you talk to him on a man-to-man level, on a regular level, he feels disrespected. He's got three, four, five assistants holding his two-way, holding his money, holding his phone. All this super Hollywood sh--.

MTV Story:

Yeah Dash, quit phukken up the name and get ya' shyt Together. I think that's called Narcissistic (sp).



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