Back Like Cooked Crack

My Bad yall, as mentioned before up in this empty ass blogspace, I have been going thru a breakup with my chick. I know you don't want to here about it...

Just know that my new "friend" is the shiznit. Can drink beer faster than me and all that. She knows who she is.

I think I might alter the angle of this here bloggg, just so I can post about more random shyt.

Basically (Ideally), it will be a cross of:
  • The original vision (Artists w/ "Cult" followings)
  • The "News that matters to Me"- ala BetterThanYours
  • My not too serious philosophy ala SalGabor
  • Random Memories and Rants ala Beer/Rap
  • Some "lightweight" gossip that I deem important ala ATL's own GoldenFiddle
  • Some very insecure hating on Rap that I don't respect/understand ala Defari
  • Random MP3's I'm feelin' with no phony ass "go buy it here" links ala FreeMotion
  • Links to funny/interesting/retarted blog articles. As I like to say, I'm usually all up in someblogga's Comment Section.. Usually BolC,MD. If nothing else, I'm a serial Commenter, so I figure I should at least embrace it.

So, today is Wednesday and what's good in my head:

  1. So probably the biggest shyt on the web these days is the Saga that is unfolding over at Byron Crawford. Apparently, the kid (cuz I always assume he's my age or older, but he's only like 22/3) has been accused of being white. My instinct tells me no, because his writing "sounds" like a black train of thought... He's always struck me (n/h) as one of those Talented Tenth Gone Wild type dudes, but that's just me. Peep the comment trail.. Some "DJ" Haze dude is going apeshyt trying prove that Bol's not black.. But wait, "DJ" Haze ain't black either.. hmmm.. Enjoy
  2. O-Dub at PopLife, linked up with another Asian dude and now they have a new site. Hey I won't say anything bad about O Dub(B dot C will though), he's out the Bay and a new dad and all, but as an avid blogsurfer, I'm never compelled to go over there, I just end up after I've surfed all my fav blogs, and am trying to stave off the soft porn, esp at work. Apparently, DJ Haze was ridin' in O-Dub's name, go figure.
  3. Good Sportsguy piece on who should win the MVP and LVP (least valuable player) awards in the NBA this year. Highly Reccomended, just of the Lamar Odom joke alone.
  4. And, lastly, Benzino the GOAT just came out with a interview so Fire, it makes you wonder why he ever tried his hand at rap.. Hey, a guy can be a professional interviewee, right? I would instantly nominate the following people for this profession: DMX, Kool Keith, Zino the GOAT, Jalen Rose, and Mike Tyson.

    Wait, MadLib, Quasimoto, and Yesterday's New Quintet are all same PERSON?????

    Oh, yeah, "TownShit" by the Whoridas, is seemingly non-existent in MP3 format.... or is it NOZ!?!?


  • I'm down with the new format. Nice job. I can't say I am really feelin' the Sports Guy plug, though. I just wrote yesterday how tired and stale he's become. That said, this NBA piece was at least bearable.

    By Blogger Joey, at 7:42 AM  

  • yeah, he had me dying talking about "I wouldn't want to be Odom's bong right now"...

    i think we spoke before, it's hit and miss w/ him, esp since the sox won, but I'm usually at work, so i take what i can get.

    Thanks 2.

    By Blogger CultStatus, at 8:00 AM  

  • good to see things back up, no love lost on the lack of linkage--but i can't be really categorized cause im the ODB of this blog shit--there is NO father to my style..SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

    By Blogger evil empire, at 11:48 PM  

  • You'd rather surf soft porn than read my shit? I'd be insulted except I'd probably do the same too.

    Thanks for the link back to that hilarious Haze vs. Crawford battle. Pure comedy on all sides.

    By Blogger Oliver, at 7:47 AM  

  • Yeah, O dub he was riding in your name. You should be honored.

    Thanks for reading my piecemeal journalistic attempts.. it's an honor.

    Probably would have known you I I chose Cal over Morehouse, who knows. (do I need a n/h there? I don't think so)

    By Blogger CultStatus, at 9:22 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger djhaze, at 10:00 AM  

  • whoops. Anyways, odub is a good dude and bol went out of his way to attack him and discredit his name. So if that is what u mean by riding in his name, then yeah i guess i would. But i dont think u understand what Bol being white means. His site would become a big parody on blacks which is wack. Has nothing to do with me, or what race i am. It would be some white kid using the word jig and talking about his blackness. Which is a major foul. But this issue has been dead for a minute so i dunno why u trying to be the internet gossip queen, (lack of better content?). Peace and keep banging.

    By Blogger djhaze, at 10:36 AM  

  • and i love how its "the biggest saga on the internet". comedy.

    By Blogger djhaze, at 10:39 AM  

  • Dame, update!

    By Blogger Joey, at 12:54 PM  

  • Just passing through, I am absolutely digging the blog by the way.

    By Blogger The Humanity Critic, at 9:53 AM  

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