Electric Chair?, I don't DESERVE the fun

Going through a Break Up Folks.

I've been commenting on everyone's blogs, but neglecting my own. Can't be publishing any BS.

I have the new Fiona Apple that will never be released. Get at me, and I'll hook it up. Matter of fact:

In no particular order:

Not About Love. Wow this is a tight ass song. I need to get my head out my ass and start listening to more types of music. Bol has been posting up reviews on a ton of bands I've never even heard of. Check him out. (I have a rawer version of this too, just holla)

Waltz. In a word; philosophical.

Red, Red, Red. Tight as phukk. The beat is very start/stoppish (stocatto?) Anyway, any feedback will be of more value than mine; I am stil absorbing her greatness. She's kinda saying how she is so far from the norm, but it doesn't sound trendy in a "I'm so counter-culture" kind of way.. so I'm cool with it. Go Fiona.

Get Him Back. "now every man see, reminds me of the one man who dissapointed me". If my ex wasn't allergic to non 106 n park music, she'd really feel these lyrics right about now...

Extraordinary Machine. Title track. Playful, Defiant, and Soothing. Like a famous poem you haven't heard, set to music. "I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes". Amen Sister!!!!


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