Zip up your lip, before your lip zip you up

What's up my beatiful Blog People?

This is a new homemade mix I stirred up; on some current Down South Tip.

I'm down bottom in the ATL, so sometimes you need these current local songs slumpin' in ya' whip. Not to be condescending, but while you may LIKE the tracks, young Shontouria from zone 3 phukkin' LOVES them, something ridonkulous! Instant Co-Op**!!(See Below)

Probably about 50% of these tracks come courtesy of the new BeSouth 3 Mixtape from the Webmaster over @ CUBAN LINKS. It's called Revenge of The South (Sith) on some Star Wars theme. So when you hear R2D2 and C3PO on the track intro, IT'S NOT THE HAZE MAN, it's the damn CD. Don't TWEEK.

Also, CombatJack and the talented 10th are really getting on my nerves this week. Check for your boy (Dame) up in them thar commentaries section.

The HoodMade Mix: SoIgnant Vol 1.0:

scream for RE-UPS kids.

(Let's try something new:)

a. "Co-Op" - Short for cooperation, used in reference to a female. The difference between an indifferent/ambivalent acting female, and one that is trying to do some thangs.
EX: "Man, I think I'ma have to burst* with this little work*, she showing me stupid Co-Op."

b. "Burst" - Modified from the ever popular "Bounce", as in "to leave". (Created by Mr. Mike Shaw, certified East Oakland Slangologist).
Ex: "Man, let me get a player hit off that doobell, I'm bout' ta burst to the barber shop."

c. "Work" - Popular in it's own right as a slang for unspecified quanities of, umm, work. However, when I use the term, it primarily applies to a female, as in a date. Also can describe a scene with an abundance of single women.
Ex: "Man, you need to get up to this Compound, there's dumb work out here man!" (also) (question)"Man, what you 'bout to do?" (reply) "Man, I'm kinda worked-up right now, hit me back in a few."

Lastly, informal survey for ya: Ideally, what's the best media content you can get from a blog these days?
a. Current, hard to find rap singles
b. Old school tracks, to slap in your ride/house and feel all OG and shyt.
c. Entire mixes to unzip (unrar) as you see fit and just ride out.
d. Videos, be they old or new.
e. Porn (is anyone doing the whole clip/yousendit/blogspot thing at all?)