Hidin' them yams at my Auntie house!

Young Jeezy. AKA Jeezy Da Snowman.

Your boy is blowing up something big down south, causing heated debates up north, and my friends still on the block in Oakland (We call 'em "spots", you call 'em "traps") are asking me about him too.

I saw him cut thru the Chevron at North ave and Boulveard in the 'Rari around the time So Icy came out. He was very local then, now he's bonafide nationwide and growing.

I read today that people are calling him the new Pac, which I feel is totally offbase. Pac was a trained artist (Acting, Dance, etc), with a social awareness and he EVENTUALLY became enamred with (and lived to an extent) the "gangsta" lifestyle.

Jeezy on the other hand, is according to himself and others, has a more straightforward story: Drug Hustler > Rapper.

I've been cathing glimpses of his material for a couple of months here in ATL, and I'm about 75% feeling it, yet 100% supportive of him getting his from the Tall Israelis and suburban kids that run, and fuel Rap music.

I'd suggest that all he really wants from the black consumer is respect, hood cred, etc, because that will translate into more sells from those who actually buy albums these days.

Anyway, in the order that they came onto my hardrive/attention, I'll share some of my favs.

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Without further chatter: Track, Synopsis, Repeat:

(Just cuz I can, I'm going to write in nearly incoherent, Gel and Weave style, Run On Sentences)

WE GETTIN MONEY OVER HERE (or so I chose to call it)

Slappin. comes in on some 3-6 mafia sounding tip, u know that "whorunit" song.Got the guest mc of 2005,bun b up on it too. very listenable, kinda crossover thug rap. quotable: "She say she like my demeanor, between you and me, I think she diggin my beemer".


Comes in hella regal-like, that's regal as in a King, not as in Regal. Obviously in the same vein as Face/Jigga collabo of the same name, but more just telling who he is, and doing his infectious "Yyyeeeaaaaahhhhh" on the doubles it sounds. Very good marketing right ther, creating a sort of a trademark.. The "Aaaaayyyy"s are pretty memorable too. quotable: "now whot the fuck wanna play with guns?, alot of holes, alot of blood dog, the shit ain't fun." Did I mention them "Yyyyyyeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh"s?

Quit Actin' Ft. Jagged Edge

Very non-annoying for a (likely) Jazzy Pha track. A good attempt at showing some versatilty, and speaking to the ladies a lil bit. TI proved that this sort of track can crossover well and get rotation from the women and the men. Reminds me of "A freak though", the TI/Pharrel combo. Not quite as polished lyrically, but the beat is good enough to carry it. Quotable : None. I'm not about to quote him talking about personally having sex. I have a hard time with another man's sexual adventures detailed in raps. Talk about what SHE looks like, what you did in vague terms, I just don't need no visual of any rapper actually doin the 'do. The yin yang twins understand this implicit rule LEAST OF ALL.


I have this named "Street Ninjas" in my cpu, I guess I was feeling real Dobalina fearing the day I uploaded the album, hence the safe naming. The "gan,gan,gangsta" sample on here is very catchy. I'd be interested in knowing who made the beat. quotable: " Dude never smile, ain't shit funny. Jeezy Maguire, now show me the money." This is some smooth, thinking gangster's music.

Air Forces

I was just informed via the blog world that the out-west/down-south tendency to call a certain type of sneaker "Air Force One", is basically laughed or at least sneered at by the Up-North types, who have for year called "Uptowns". Ok, if you say so. But does "Uptowns" rhyme with "Drop-top Porsches"? There you have it. quotable: "I'm standin' over the stove, like the chef at Houston's". (A pretty popular restaurant here in ATL, wood fire grill, etc.. I've seen em in Manhattan and San Francisco also. Y'all got em? No? Well you miss the visual, because the chef's area is prominently displayed to the entire resaurant. Them chefs be cool too. Now them hostesses? No comment, other than miss me with that hostess shit. Speaking of which:

Miss Me With That Rap Shit

A short mix tape banger (black bill gates), more of a public service announcment than an actual song. The point being to let these rappers know that he's a street nigga/hustler first, and a rapper like eighty-fifth. Even though it's short, it's banging. You know how you have that older cousin/brother that gives you clues how to act as a man? Deon was that cousin for me: everything he said or did was instantly cool to me. Like when he walked around saying "miss me with that ___ shit" for about two months, and then I proceded to incorporate it into my jr. high slang for about 2 years. He also warned about women who are only interested in being "phone friends". I don't fool with them broads. See me in person or miss me with that phone shit. This reminds me of that. quotable: "I'm a real nigga, nothing like these other guys. And I'm the best bitch until you show me otherwise (That's Rrrriiiiiggghhhhhhht). The "Aaaaaayyys" on here are patent pending too.

Just got the retail version today, via Canal St. I will throw up some tomorrow, but not gut the album. Unlike the tall israelis, I want dude to sell. Not just get it poppin on these internets.

*My G/W style didn't come out too well, how do they write like that?

Some other cuts I like (pre Retail) that I don't feel like writing about:

Grey Goose (AllStar ft. Young Gotti and Jeezy) -"Do I know You? No!!!!"

This inspired me to name a new drink; The Jeezy: "I'm on that Grey Goose, Cranberry, and that Pineapple. And I'll bust ya shit like aPineapple.". LOL (I prefer Ketel One, but you get the point).

Everytime (Err'time?)

"Wasn't smoking purple then, it was more like Bobby Brown". Tell me about it.

Get Ya Mind Right - From the 1st Trap or Die mix. I think. What it do?

And one sneak off the Retail (or so I was told):

Don't Get Caught "Just got done burning, so I know he smell the smoke". Tell me about it (X2).

Final Thoughts: Dude is very funny and personable, that will carry him far in this industry. He is much more skillful and artful about dropping names that are currently very pop-culturish, ex: White tees like franchise, etc.., basically the complete opposite of Game (who he shouts out a few times. He's been working with Juelz aand Dipset too, which can't be bad for gaining a Cult Following. Today I read this.

Thanks for reading..Yyyyyyeeeeahhhhhh!!!!!


  • I do not see

    Please see to that,love.
    Great review though. I too am starting to Mr. Jeezy some of everywhere. He's blown up, and kinda cute in a goldteeth thugged-out, not-my-type sorta way. ;-)

    keep it up!

    By Blogger Jedi Princess, at 12:38 PM  

  • forgot to post this

    A Juelz Santana and Young Jeezy album! I heard the two young rappers are recording an official album for Def Jam. Yep, this is the kind of camaraderie Hip-Hop needs. Bring the pain, gentlemen.

    By Blogger CultStatus, at 1:55 PM  

  • I like Jeezy, but I don't think he deserves all the hype he's getting. He's more of an entertainer than a rapper - which is fine - but in order for an MC to elevate to the next level (Cam, Luda & arguably Lil' Wayne all had this label early on in their careers) Jeezy will have to show the world another side. There's nothing wrong with being a purely hype entertainer at all, but he has to step up and make some serious cuts with serious (and good) rhymes.

    He still seems like a gimmick to me.

    By Blogger M.A.T.T., at 3:25 PM  

  • I like him. He's funny. And real, at least as far as I know...

    By Blogger Young'un, at 10:43 AM  

  • Feelin' the blog and I'm adding it to my link list. I like the Bay Area posts I've seen here and want you to check out my just started Bay Area hip hop blog:

    Let me know what you think and feel free to link to it. If you want to contact me:


    By Blogger Doxx, at 12:26 PM  

  • This is some straight education. Thanks doggy.

    By Blogger mike, at 10:35 PM  

  • You a fool for not puttin' up the links. That some 'ish that I would do. I to the bay on 8/11/05 (lllvum...say it like the Sobrante Park folks)...I enjoyed your comments on E-40 and the Yay constituents and will be checkin' for the Dummy @ Ameoba & Rasputin's.

    By Blogger Hummingbyrd, at 9:14 AM  

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