The Disaster in the Southeast is BEYOND terrible. Please Read.

I want all eight of my blog readers to read Bomani's great write up on the situation.

If you haven't been following, he published a post that didn't directly mock the flooding, but it was humorous in nature, the only offensive part being his suggestion that Houston was going to be overran withe "Whodies" (New Orleans Locals). Upon interacting with someone personally affected, he thought wiser of his humorous post, and wrote an analysis from the heart.

Please go there and read it. If you comment, he'll likely respond beneath your comment.

Thanks Bomani.


Red Cross is 1800-Help-Now

Personally, I want to take in perhaps a small family in an extra bedroom I have (Atlanta), but I may end up supporting the makeshift shelters they are setting up here in ATL. This from a person who rarely goes beyond a buck here, some change there, in my attempt to help people.

I encourage all eight of you to do something, anything. Al Sharpton was on the Tom Joyner radio show this morning, and he did make a great point: The Best need to help The Rest.

(and I usually don't feel Sharpton like that, but his point is 100% correct)


They Lootin'!!!

The looting has begun in the NO y'all, or as Bomani calls it; "Whoadieland". (Couldn't it be "beeeebyville" too? Every 30 and up woman I've ever met in the N.O has called me the longest, drawn out, accented "beeeeeeebeey" without fail. Just a thought Bo.)

Anyway, peep the skit:

Looting Begins in New Orleans
> Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS — With much of the city emptied by Hurricane Katrina, some opportunists took advantage of the situation by looting stores.

At a Walgreen's drug store in the French Quarter, people were running out with grocery baskets and coolers full of soft drinks, chips and diapers.

When police finally showed up, a young boy stood in the door screaming, "86! 86!" — the radio code for police — and the crowd scattered.

Denise Bollinger, a tourist from Philadelphia, stood outside and snapped pictures in amazement.

"It's downtown Baghdad," the housewife said. "It's insane. I've wanted to come here for 10 years. I thought this was a sophisticated city. I guess not."

Around the corner on Canal Street, the main thoroughfare in the central business district, people sloshed headlong through hip-deep water as looters ripped open the steel gates on the front of several clothing and jewelry stores.

One man, who had about 10 pairs of jeans draped over his left arm, was asked if he was salvaging things from his store.

"No," the man shouted, "that's EVERYBODY'S store."

Looters filled industrial-sized garbage cans with clothing and jewelry and floated them down the street on bits of plywood and insulation as National Guard lumbered by.

Mike Franklin stood on the trolley tracks and watched the spectacle unfold.

"To be honest with you, people who are oppressed all their lives, man, it's an opportunity to get back at society," he said.

Top Quotes:
Gold) "No," the man shouted, "that's EVERYBODY'S store." -Unnamed Freedom Fighter/Liberator
Silver) "86! 86!" -Unnamed Smartest Ninja in the N.O.
Bronze) "I thought this was a sophisticated city. I guess not." -Unnamed Dobalina


I need some E-Groupies

So, This is what I look like. (I'm on the left, or the right, depending if you sittin on your azz, or your head).

And Yes, we are makin' a comeback.

Boris Kodjoe anyone?

Happenings Vol 1.

Spider (whose face I've never seen), somehow becomes a little less sexy today.

Do NOT Discuss Amongst Yourselves. As a matter of fact, I hope I can get this out my head before Church on Sunday. Not that I'll be there, but I'd hate to be having thoughts of beastiality while Service be jumpalating and stuff.

...and Hilarity Ensued:

Spotted @ GoldenFiddle:

"The Fall 2005 Jennifer Lopez Collection: Clothes for the woman with no dignity, who is also blind."

And yes, this really is some ugly shyt. Even for couture/high fashion.|3|7361.html


"We gon put a wig on a pig and watch it gig"

It's Official - Golden State Warriors (Saafir, Ras Kass, Xzibit) but really it's Saafir and some other (Hobo Junction?) dude.

(and YES, that's the hardest looking Saafir Pic I could google up)

Shout out to Serg @ Beer and Rap for this one. Yay all day.

"I'm a Bayestrian"
-Mistah F.A.B.

Chillin' on my SoapBox

You wanna free Africa?, I'll stare at ya. Cuz we ain't got it too good in America.

Endangered Species - Ice Cube ft. Chuck D

That real revolutionary rap.

...Brooklyn Goin out to All...

Ecstasy - Ohio Players

Who used this song as a sample source better? BIG and Jay Z, or old school 415?

...shyt, the west coast barely know the name of our band, that's why I spit enough heat to give a ninja a tan...

The Essence - The Lox (Alchemist Produced)

Why do y'all be hating on the Lox, calling out their lack of street cred and so on . Saigon really went out on a limb to hate on Jada's authenticity, which sounded decidedly teh hater to me. Hatin' Azz, Contradictory Interview.
Excerpt (Hating in bold, my comments in italics)

Cedric Muhammad: Yeah. I hope to see that. Now here is the last one I saved it for a reason, depending upon your answer. Jadakiss.

Saigon: Jadakiss. Now here’s another one who is like 50 Cent to me. (Saigon sighs). This dude has a voice. He could touch so many people. I love the dude, he could have people following him and he could lead people in the right direction. But he’s confused. He don’t know if he wants to be a gangster, a thug, or a person who is like, ‘Why are we living in these f---ed up conditions?’(who tho hell is he to tell another man what to do? TD Jakes??) When he makes a song like ‘Why?’, your next song should be some solutions. Let’s try to change this. When you go from one aspect (songs like ‘Why?’) to the next – I’m a gangster, I’ll shoot you, I’ll kill you, especially when you never even really shot nobody and never really lived that life. Because I know Dee and Wah (the founders of the Ruff Ryders label that signed Jadakiss). I know Dee. Dee is my friend. I know Jabbar. The dudes who really are the Ruff Ryders – the dudes that get busy in the streets. It ain’t the artists. If these dudes (the artists) do something they are just doing it to try and prove a point. (Saigon: able to blow grown men and severely hate on others, simultaneously!) You are not doing it because that’s what’s in your heart. You don’t become a thug at the age of thirty years old. That don’t happen. You don’t become a thug at 28 years old. When you are a thug, you are thuggin’ from young. You are the kid who fights on the bus. You are the kid who is always in some shit. (when parents and adults are like), ‘I don’t want you with that kid. (laughter). That’s the kid I was. (is that what all this hatin is about ? Why you mad doggie? You mad that Jada's on-wax persona is similar to your real life?Hater.) That’s the man I don’t want to be. So when a grown man is talking about, ‘I’m thugging and I’m gangster’- you are lying, man. Because I lived that, I went that route and I have seen the harsh realities of living that life and no man wants to live like that!Cedric Muhammad: Now, that is exactly why I raised the question, because I felt the sentiment that you expressed toward Jadakiss in what I read earlier and I also saw some balance in how you were portraying him. Let me bring it up like this. Because Jadakiss has that gift – he has the charisma and the voice and the talent to reach people; and he also is obviously sensitive.(wow dude.) Jay-Z is definitely like that (meaning he's "sensitive" too? this ain't even cute Mr. Saigon)

(This whole following piece is bold, because it's nonstop hating. )

You can never knock somebody for talking about their experiences. You just can’t do that, because this person went through it. But when a person who never, ever been through nothing comes and tries to speak on something that they have never been through and they talk about it like they really know about it, like, ‘Respect me, we are the streets!’ and you grew up like, with your mother and father taking good care of you, and you never even stayed out past twelve o’clock, it don’t make sense. Because you got little kids who see this and love Jadakiss and they are like, ‘Yo, you know Jada has been in the streets so f—k it, it is alright for me to be in the streets, cause look at where he is at now.’ Come on, that ain’t real, man! That's not reality. And so it is up to you to be responsible to your people, as a Black man. That is what’s wrong with us. We don’t have no structure. They don’t have to worry about getting checked by nobody, when they go in and make these records. Nobody is going to put them on blast and be like, ‘Look at this kid. This guy is talking this gangster shit and he don’t even got a rap sheet. He never been through nothing. He never even had a fight in school.’

Man, can the Lox, just be the Lox? That generic Deniro/Pacino movie set to music is what they do, deal with it. Quit trying to authenticate and then hate. Man I feel like Serg; very blunt. Quit being a pansy azz, attention craving, overly outspoken, contradictory little female.

And then to talk all that jazz about "Lil Kim is ruining the girls" and turn around and put out righteous poetry like this for the youth:

I don't want to love, I just want to penetrate. Have you bringin' drugs up and down the interstate

I'm Gone - Saigon

I'm not even touching that righteous chorus.


Trapped In The Closet For Dummies

(Via Good look)


Bay Catch Up

Inspired by some of the other BayBloggers, I just want to raise the overall awareness regarding some Bay Knocks. So, Yes, it's random, but it also knocks.

The Delinquents -Alleyway
The Delinquents remind me of Fat Joe, in that it's real easy to dismiss the quality of their (Fill in the Blank) music, flow, etc... but nobody wants to tell them that to their face. That's because just like Fat Joe in NY, The Delinquents basically are Oakland. And just like Joe, you are likely to see them at any and every hoodtastic function. You can catch group member Vidal in the wildly popular Hood to Hood DVD (Vol.1). So, if you like Jeezy becuase you really believe his stories of being a hood pharmacist, the Delinquents are for you. Numskull from the Luniz is on here too.. They may have still been the LuniToons @ this time. Anyway, this song is Vintage bay.. Keep on ice.

Husalah (of the MobFigaz) - Since '88 (From Mac Dre Presents Thizz Nation Vol. 1)
This song came to me via my young cuz Tay from the Yay, who moved to ATL @ 17, where his mom bought a house for him and his older (21) brother to live in, rent-free, parent-free, etc.. Well... Tay was back in the Yay about ONE month later. I guess the Yay was callin' Tay. Anyhoo, how about them Yankees?
Seriously, he had all this Mac Dre music, and I got sprung. This song came off the above album, which was much more of a mixtape than an album. So, I gotta go, but this is Husalah over Juvenile's Bounce Back beat.. and he KILLS it in my opinion.

Here's the original too: Juvenile - Bounce Back


And yes Hana, this is what I was working on w/ the headphones Sunday!

One Time Gaffled 'Em Up

"Of course you can trust me to manage your money, look how long and blonde my hair is!!"

I haven't seen this anywhere else (except in the NYTimes), so I'll repost it here. Apparently the lady pictured above; Gabrielle T. Smith, has a lot of explaining to do. She was a money manager to the stars so to speak, but seems to have only been truly concerned with making sure X amount of money managed to get into her swiss bank accounts. Affected clients may include DJ Clue, Faboulous, Jay Z, Beyonce, Murder Inc, etc....

Link above.

Somethin' New

Camron- Something New (Request)

Grand Daddy I.U. - Something New (The Original)


Danked out with the Cotton Mouth, Blow Up Your House

Before I' m Kmart-ed up out of this here jobby job, let me post some of my fav media files, and just random shyt I'm sure most of you don't have, and ain't heard.

MF Doom Ft. Kurious -Video- "?" (Question)
This is that song where they both reminise/eulogize their lost family members, K-Knit and Subroc. Doom also takes his mask off near the end, which probably gave DJ Haze and his elk a stiffy. Some cool Dr. Doom cartoon footage at the end too. Anybody have the video for Daytona 500 by Ghost? I love the raps with Speed Racer Cartoon. Thanks.

Unknown Actors -Video- "Restaurant"
1st, it's Nuckin Futs. 2nd, Apparently it's some kinda public service announcment (if that made you think of Jigga, you're Ghey) about Dometstic Violence.. If I tell anymore,I'd ruin it. Check this out Fa Sho. Bol would like this gauranteed, no Tig.
Does anyone have any of those old "From the Mormons, the church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints" Commercials???? The baseball one and the lamp one stand out. Hook it up of you got em.

Redman/MTV (ooga booga Electric ladyland!!) -Video - Cribs Episode
NUFF SAID. (.RAR File) (request this one, taking too long to upload!)

MO Doom:
I Hear Voices - Video
Deadbent - Video

I also have trapped in the closet whole movie, Jay Z dead prez video, jayz/jazzo originators video, vince carter dunking over the seven ft 2 guy, etc.. scream at me for em.

Coming Right back w/ some weekend music for you Gangsters.


A Random Party of Five

Rap, Blog, Bay Blog, Finna, Town, ESO, Hyphy, Hyphie, Thuggin, Thizzin, Yadidamean, Extra Mannish, Sohab, Stoopid, Dumb, Gully, No Homo, What it Do?, What it Dew, What it Don't Do?

(Gosta get them googlers, pardon the list)

Del is as good, or better than your favorite indy-type lyricist. Be it Doom, Slug, Murs, or any other Heiro dudes. Waiting for the argument to ensue. This song is 100% perfect. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

  • Hey you, yeah YOU, HEY BYTCH, you got a mothaphukken Monkey on yo back!!!

CultStatus, we give you love baby, not romance...


Five of the Sickest-Westside Edition

In no particular order, here are five of my favorites on the mic, (not my favorite 10) at the top of their games:

  1. Name: MC Eiht (Aaron Tyler) - Evidence: Goin' Out Like Geez
  2. Name: Keak da Sneak (Keak Jones?) - Evidence: Hit 'Em Where It Hurts
  3. Name: Daz Dillinger, Dat Nigga Daz (Delmar Arnaud) - Evidence: This Is Not Over 'til We Say So
  4. Name: E-40 (Earl Stevens) - Evidence: Da BumbleTha Jacka (??) - Evidence: Barney (More Crime)
  5. Kurupt (Ricardo Brown) - Evidence : How Many Ni__ Wanna Ride 2Nite? (2nd and 4th verses)

I'll do Five from the East, Five from the South, and Five from Mars (alternative type rappers) for the next few days.