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You wanna free Africa?, I'll stare at ya. Cuz we ain't got it too good in America.

Endangered Species - Ice Cube ft. Chuck D

That real revolutionary rap.

...Brooklyn Goin out to All...

Ecstasy - Ohio Players

Who used this song as a sample source better? BIG and Jay Z, or old school 415?

...shyt, the west coast barely know the name of our band, that's why I spit enough heat to give a ninja a tan...

The Essence - The Lox (Alchemist Produced)

Why do y'all be hating on the Lox, calling out their lack of street cred and so on . Saigon really went out on a limb to hate on Jada's authenticity, which sounded decidedly teh hater to me. Hatin' Azz, Contradictory Interview.
Excerpt (Hating in bold, my comments in italics)

Cedric Muhammad: Yeah. I hope to see that. Now here is the last one I saved it for a reason, depending upon your answer. Jadakiss.

Saigon: Jadakiss. Now here’s another one who is like 50 Cent to me. (Saigon sighs). This dude has a voice. He could touch so many people. I love the dude, he could have people following him and he could lead people in the right direction. But he’s confused. He don’t know if he wants to be a gangster, a thug, or a person who is like, ‘Why are we living in these f---ed up conditions?’(who tho hell is he to tell another man what to do? TD Jakes??) When he makes a song like ‘Why?’, your next song should be some solutions. Let’s try to change this. When you go from one aspect (songs like ‘Why?’) to the next – I’m a gangster, I’ll shoot you, I’ll kill you, especially when you never even really shot nobody and never really lived that life. Because I know Dee and Wah (the founders of the Ruff Ryders label that signed Jadakiss). I know Dee. Dee is my friend. I know Jabbar. The dudes who really are the Ruff Ryders – the dudes that get busy in the streets. It ain’t the artists. If these dudes (the artists) do something they are just doing it to try and prove a point. (Saigon: able to blow grown men and severely hate on others, simultaneously!) You are not doing it because that’s what’s in your heart. You don’t become a thug at the age of thirty years old. That don’t happen. You don’t become a thug at 28 years old. When you are a thug, you are thuggin’ from young. You are the kid who fights on the bus. You are the kid who is always in some shit. (when parents and adults are like), ‘I don’t want you with that kid. (laughter). That’s the kid I was. (is that what all this hatin is about ? Why you mad doggie? You mad that Jada's on-wax persona is similar to your real life?Hater.) That’s the man I don’t want to be. So when a grown man is talking about, ‘I’m thugging and I’m gangster’- you are lying, man. Because I lived that, I went that route and I have seen the harsh realities of living that life and no man wants to live like that!Cedric Muhammad: Now, that is exactly why I raised the question, because I felt the sentiment that you expressed toward Jadakiss in what I read earlier and I also saw some balance in how you were portraying him. Let me bring it up like this. Because Jadakiss has that gift – he has the charisma and the voice and the talent to reach people; and he also is obviously sensitive.(wow dude.) Jay-Z is definitely like that (meaning he's "sensitive" too? this ain't even cute Mr. Saigon)

(This whole following piece is bold, because it's nonstop hating. )

You can never knock somebody for talking about their experiences. You just can’t do that, because this person went through it. But when a person who never, ever been through nothing comes and tries to speak on something that they have never been through and they talk about it like they really know about it, like, ‘Respect me, we are the streets!’ and you grew up like, with your mother and father taking good care of you, and you never even stayed out past twelve o’clock, it don’t make sense. Because you got little kids who see this and love Jadakiss and they are like, ‘Yo, you know Jada has been in the streets so f—k it, it is alright for me to be in the streets, cause look at where he is at now.’ Come on, that ain’t real, man! That's not reality. And so it is up to you to be responsible to your people, as a Black man. That is what’s wrong with us. We don’t have no structure. They don’t have to worry about getting checked by nobody, when they go in and make these records. Nobody is going to put them on blast and be like, ‘Look at this kid. This guy is talking this gangster shit and he don’t even got a rap sheet. He never been through nothing. He never even had a fight in school.’

Man, can the Lox, just be the Lox? That generic Deniro/Pacino movie set to music is what they do, deal with it. Quit trying to authenticate and then hate. Man I feel like Serg; very blunt. Quit being a pansy azz, attention craving, overly outspoken, contradictory little female.

And then to talk all that jazz about "Lil Kim is ruining the girls" and turn around and put out righteous poetry like this for the youth:

I don't want to love, I just want to penetrate. Have you bringin' drugs up and down the interstate

I'm Gone - Saigon

I'm not even touching that righteous chorus.


  • Damn, I've always thought Saigon was a bit overrated (at least overrated by Just Blaze) but this shit is just flat out HATE. Fuck that dude.


    By Blogger emynd, at 8:11 AM  

  • ‘Yo, you know Jada has been in the streets so f—k it, it is alright for me to be in the streets, cause look at where he is at now.’

    This is the most retarded quote i've ever heard.

    By Anonymous blizzy, at 2:02 PM  

  • Yeah, that's real talk man. I like Saigon and everything he claims to stand for, but someone needs to tell this dude to shut his mouth. Every interview I read, he's spouting off at the mouth about how unoffical some other rapper is and how he went to jail and he knows what the streets are really about, blah blah blah. He acts like every rapper doesn't fucking lie and exagerate in rhymes. What does he think, we actually believed Jada when he said his bathtub lifts up? I'm from Yonkers, so I know all of the dirty secrets Kiss and them have in their closet, but so what.

    By Anonymous eskay, at 10:54 AM  

  • everybody else talkin bout the interview while I'm more impressed by the funny ass track lol.

    Sai's right on some Bill Cosby type shit but what rapper these days isn't goin thru some personality conflict/growth. If Sai's been locked in the box so long he should know that a number one rule is to mind your own damn business and not worry about the next man.

    By Blogger Gotty™, at 8:52 PM  

  • WUT IT DEW its all about h-town

    By Blogger H-TOWNA, at 6:18 AM  

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