Danked out with the Cotton Mouth, Blow Up Your House

Before I' m Kmart-ed up out of this here jobby job, let me post some of my fav media files, and just random shyt I'm sure most of you don't have, and ain't heard.

MF Doom Ft. Kurious -Video- "?" (Question)
This is that song where they both reminise/eulogize their lost family members, K-Knit and Subroc. Doom also takes his mask off near the end, which probably gave DJ Haze and his elk a stiffy. Some cool Dr. Doom cartoon footage at the end too. Anybody have the video for Daytona 500 by Ghost? I love the raps with Speed Racer Cartoon. Thanks.

Unknown Actors -Video- "Restaurant"
1st, it's Nuckin Futs. 2nd, Apparently it's some kinda public service announcment (if that made you think of Jigga, you're Ghey) about Dometstic Violence.. If I tell anymore,I'd ruin it. Check this out Fa Sho. Bol would like this gauranteed, no Tig.
Does anyone have any of those old "From the Mormons, the church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints" Commercials???? The baseball one and the lamp one stand out. Hook it up of you got em.

Redman/MTV (ooga booga Electric ladyland!!) -Video - Cribs Episode
NUFF SAID. (.RAR File) (request this one, taking too long to upload!)

MO Doom:
I Hear Voices - Video
Deadbent - Video

I also have trapped in the closet whole movie, Jay Z dead prez video, jayz/jazzo originators video, vince carter dunking over the seven ft 2 guy, etc.. scream at me for em.

Coming Right back w/ some weekend music for you Gangsters.


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